You Are Here

The youth landscapers are looking forward to presenting our You Are Here Project at timber tomorrow. There are a few things anyone should know who is hoping to join us. It is likely to be very hot tomorrow so please bring some water with you on the walk (There are water fountains across the site and you will be able to refill during the walk if need be) In addition to this you will need suncream and preferably a hat as some of the walk is exposed in the sun but the parts where you aren’t walking are mostly in the shade. You will probably also need insect repellent as there are mosquitoes everywhere and you will probably be walking outside and sat down with exposed skin. We definitely saw a few this evening (If you saw us don at the site we were just rehearsing as the walk is only running tomorrow). Tickets are available from the main desk where we will be for most of the day. We hope you enjoy our walk as we have worked on it for a good few months. If there are any questions please feel free to get in touch via facebook messenger. Here is a short video showing you some of what we were doing last week and should give you a taste of what will go on tomorrow.

-YL Team