The View From My Window: join in!

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How to stay curious…. 

For the past two months, we’ve been setting each other small, weekly, creative assignments. We each have a go at completing the mini-project in our own way, recording what we make, to then share our outcomes together online. It has helped us get to know each other and stay curious and connected to our surroundings. 

You can join in!

We’d like to invite you to join in with the project. It’s very simple, you just click on an assignment, follow the instructions and then submit your response. We’ll share all the responses on our Instagram feed and add them to the collection on our website. 

Assignment 1 – Say What You See

Assignment 2 – What book would you take into the forest?

Assignment 3 – Make a hand drawn map of a walk

Assignment 4 – The view from YOUR window

Assignment 5 – The sounds of the forest


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Still connecting

Because of the global Covid-19 emergency, Youth Landscapers aren’t able to meet in person and we’re not able to continue working on our 2020 project, The Telling of the Bees. Not only are we unable to research, respond and make together but we’re also not able to share it with our friends in the National Forest at Timber Festival which has, understandably, also been postponed until next year. 

The View from my Window is way for us to stay creative, and continue to look in detail and reflect on our surroundings in the National Forest, where we are all lucky enough to live. We’re drawing on activities we’ve already developed together, such as our ‘Say What You See’ method for describing the view in our podcasts, as well as interviewing each other and trying new ways to practice our creative research skills. We will use what we do to make a spring Listening to the Land podcast and hopefully stay in touch with all our friends across the National Forest and beyond by doing so.