Hive, Flight, Orientation and Swarm

Over May and June we had some making to do!

Rebecca guided us to shape the audio files we’d collected into a soundscape to represent the different states of bee behaviour we’d been researching.

The final piece includes recordings we collected from the Boothorpe Bees, the Feanedock woods (where we’ll be sharing the installation), snippets of music that personally connect us to bees and our own voices singing in harmony’s designed by Kris in the same key as a buzzing bee!

We invited Jim Brouwer to work with us on a lighting design to respond to the sound. Using strings of festival festoon lights, where each bulb can be programmed differently, Alfie and James got down to some serious programming with Jim, building and testing algorithms with generative software and working out how we’d practically hang the lights in our woodland site. Colours for the bulbs were selected by collecting the colours of the flowers and foliage local to the Boothorpe Bee hives environment and matching them to digital RGB codes.