Supporting information Youth Landscapers

Supporting letter, National Forest Company

Case Study, about YLC (Black to Green project).

Detail of Impact for one young person with Asperger’s. 

A got involved through one of the youth clubs in the area. He was really excited to be a part of the project. There are not a lot of opportunities in the area. He was involved in scouts but he was ignored and not doing very much. 

Initially he got involved because he wanted to make a film. He is very technological and at an age where he was getting interested in film and technology so this came along at the right time for him. 

A has an Asperger’s diagnosis and doesn’t make friends easily, he finds it difficult to socialise and it is a struggle for him. But Black to Green played to his strengths. B2G helped him because his interest was in the technical side – at the timber festival he was like a different kid that day. 

B2G has given him a focus – all of his money goes on kit that he carries around. He is not messing around and is very proud of the work he has done with B2G 

He hopes to use the B2G work to get onto a University Course, to show what he has done. It has been lovely to see him being completely accepted, listened to and looked up to. It has been amazing to see. In previous years it has been really hard to watch him struggle but at least he has had Black 2 Green.

parent of YLC member

Video showing initial TotB workshops and YLC describing what they hope they and audiences will get from the project.

Letter of support from Moira Replan project – local partner