Black to Green Youth Engagement Project

The Black to Green project aims to connect people with the changes in the landscape that have taken place within the Heart of the Forest, a 10 square mile area within North West Leicestershire and South Derbyshire which includes Moira and Donisthorpe.

Within the last 20 years woodland cover has increased from 1% to 27%. It is a special story of rapid landscape change from 19th century mining industries to new green spaces.

Black to Green supports communities and landowners to work together to make the most of the new forested environment and celebrate the areas natural and industrial heritage.

Young people are key to telling this story and have a valuable role in shaping and sharing the legacy of this area. With young people from Donisthorpe and Moira this project plans to:

  • Work with artists to develop creative ways to map and understand the landscape
  • Share what we find in an exhibition in August at Moira Folk festival
  • Engage the community in sharing their local stories about people and places
  • Work with older members of the community to explore memories about Pit Talk – the slang of the mines – for a film we’ll be making later in the year

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